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Get the Facts About RV Financing

There's no better time to buy an RV! You've searched and researched and you've found the RV of your dreams! Whether it's New RV or Used RV, the question now is how can you make that dream a reality? The answer: by RV financing your purchase with terms that make it affordable for your budget.

Most Virginia RV Dealers have already arranged on-the-spot financing through one or more major lenders and will work to make your purchase dream come true. Their in-depth knowledge will make the process go that much smoother.

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Why Finance Your RV?

When you finance your purchase instead of liquidating assets or paying cash, you maintain your financial flexibility. Plus, your RV may qualify for some of the same tax benefits as a second home or mortgage. Of course, check with your tax advisor, but basically to qualify for these benefits, such as the deductibility of interest on the loan, the RV must be used as security for the loan along with providing basic living accommodations such as sleeping area, bathroom and cooking facilities. Remember, the RV is considered a qualified second residence as long as you designate it for each tax year.

What are the advantages of financing through an RV lending specialist?

We have many sources to choose from. Although final terms are determined based on your credit profile and the age, type and cost of the RV being purchased, financing through RV lenders usually requires down payments in the 10% range.

Monthly payments are lower - Because RV finance specialists know the industry, it's not uncommon to find 15-20 year repayment schedules to help you afford the RV of your dreams, resulting in manageable monthly payments.

The Last Word on RV Financing

Your RV might actually cost you less in the end if you finance your purchase. By not tapping your financial assets to finance your RV, you can take advantage of attractive new investment opportunities, and the earnings from those investments can potentially exceed the cost of your RV financing. The bottom line is that if you are thinking of buying an RV, you should check financing options to maximize your purchase enjoyment. You'll be on the road enjoying your new RV before you know it!


We offer extended service plans, exterior finish protection and fabric protection plans, insurance products, road hazard protection, and more...

    • Exterior Finish Protection: Our exterior finish protection products can protect your windshield and your paint.
      • Windshield protection coating not only protects your glass from the small impacts that normally can crack or chip a windshield, but this coating also makes visibility better during rainy conditions.
      • Paint protection covers the painted surfaces of your RV to protect it against weather and sunlight to extend the life of your RV paint job. Your RV paint will better resist damage caused by pollution, hard water deposits, bugs, salts, and tar.
    Protect your RV from those everyday accidents that can wreak havoc on your RV's cushions, carpets, and fabrics. Our fabric protection product seals each fiber to prevent most stains from setting. Your warranty protection covers most oil and water based stains from normal spills of water, soft drinks, coffee, milk, and other food mishaps.
    Having road hazard protection insures that your RV's tires are covered when they encounter road conditions such as glass, metal objects, potholes, and other damaging conditions. This coverage lasts five years or until there is less than 2/32" of tread depth on the tire.
    These protection plans cover the coach and/or the chasis and are fully transferable if you sell your RV. These plans essentially extend the life of your factory warranty protecting your investment for a number of years after your warranty expires.
    Roadside assistance plans include emergency roadside assistance with 24-hour toll-free technician hot line. You'll also receive tire changes, fuel delivery, lock out service, jump-starts, and on-site mechanical RV service in the event of a breakdown.

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Rates and amount financed are determined by credit history. Your actual payments may vary. Plus tax, title and license. See dealer for details.